Networking with Speed ​​Meeting online

Quick meetings to contact Tour Operators


The tool used by Travel Experience Summit to facilitate contact and develop networking between operators is the Business Speed ​​Meeting or Speed ​​Date online, the effective system for contacting operators in a short time, through quick and concise accounts. The events are organized on the digital platform and involve the participation of diversified operators and users, buyers, sellers, consultants, travel agencies, tour operators, accommodation facilities, managers, commercial directors, experience providers, companies, cral, associations, startups, students , etc., all interested in evaluating new collaborations in order to optimize the success of the meetings.

The meetings are short and concise, lasting about 5 minutes and are organized with an agenda of fixed appointments. During each meeting, you can present your business to the operator in front of you.

By entering your account, at the time scheduled for the appointment, you access the meeting room by viewing on the other side of the video, the interlocutor with whom you had agreed the appointment and you begin to converse, presenting the activity and proposals.
Once the time has elapsed, the session is closed and you move on to the next appointment.

Given the brevity of the interview, it is necessary to prepare first, especially to view the interlocutor’s technical data sheet, and to prepare in time the collaboration proposal to be presented.

Networking is a very effective communication tool, especially in the search for new collaborations, because it allows the creation of new contacts with operators, potential customers / suppliers that favor business growth.

Speed ​​Networking is a fast business meeting that allows operators to meet potential customers and partners.

Online Speed ​​Meeting makes networking events more accessible and effective and unique, with live video conferencing meetings, from the comfort of your office, without having to move.

It is an opportunity to quickly meet a large number of tour operators to seek out new business partners. The goal, of course, is to find one or more people you would like to collaborate with to develop your business.

Speed ​​Meeting can also be used to allow participants of a training session to meet teachers, speakers and other participating users for networking.